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NAMEN Steering Committee.

Members are elected annually in the fall to serve on the Steering Committee for three year terms.  Here is our current Steering Committee.   We meet bi-monthly via video web conference:

Steering Committee Members

  • James Arana - MERGE for Equality, Springfield MA
  • Kate Bojin - White Ribbon Campaign - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Steven Botkin - MERGE for Equality - FLorence, MA
  • Chuck Derry - Gender Violence Institute - Clearwater, MN
  • Aapta Garg - Promundo Global Programs - Washington, DC
  • Alan Heisterkamp - University of Northern Iowa (Center for Violence Prevention) - Cedar Falls, IA
  • Carlos Idibouo -  Diversity Consultant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Shane Joseph - Independent - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Cliff Leek - Stony Brook University - New York, NY
  • Tonya Lovelace - Women of Color Network, Inc. - Harrisburg, PA
  • Jeremy Neville - Mending the Sacred Hoop
  • Rob Okun - VOICE MALE Magazine - Amherst, MA

  • Rus Funk - Development Coordinator - Louisville, KY
  • Craig Norberg-Bohm - Administrative Coordinator - Boston, MA

(As of August 2019)

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