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NAMEN Member Meet-Ups

NAMEN is now hosting Member Meet-Ups on a regular basis.  These are for members to meet one another and to talk about subjects of mutual interest.  The topics are member generated using a regular survey and discussion during meetings.

We are currently meeting every other month.  Upcoming dates include September 24th, November 19th, and January 28th .

Please join us!

4. September 24, 2020

Next Member Meet-Up !

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3. July 23, 2020

Member Meet-Up 

Three topics: 

a. Male Self-Interest - continuing discussion

b. About the Ubuntu Global Symposium, November 10-11, 2020
Slides from this presentation

c. Topic Priorities for future meetups...

We plan to host Meet-Ups every other month, September, November and January

Topics may include, "Continued: Self-Interest as motivation", "Story Telling",  "Exploring the Faith Connections", "Me-Too, responding when leaders fail"

Help Prioritize Topics - Please Complete this Survey

Session Recording

Webinar recording can be found also at this link

2. May 28, 2020

Member Meet-Up Session 2

Member Initiated conversations:

1. Bonny Morlak talks about his project, Wamaloki Summer Camp for Boys
2. Charles Knight talks about his topic of considering self-interest in working with men.


Reconstructing Men's Interests (Pease 2002).pdf


Recording of the men's self-interest portion of the discussion:  

This recording can be found also at this link

1. April 2, 2020

Member Meet-Up First Meeting

Introductory in nature, members introduced themselves and discussed their priorities

Recording is not available:

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