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NAMEN Community of Practice
Mobilizing Men and Boys:

Session 5

The North American MenEngage Network (NAMEN) is pleased to sponsor a Community of Practice.  A forum for members of NAMEN to share their work and benefit from mutual engagement and feedback.

June 15, 2017; 3:00 - 4:30 pm, EST

Web Conference Topic

Review and Reflect on our Community of Practice


This was a roundtable discussion among NAMEN Members.    There is a wide variety of topics that members are interested in talking about. Value is placed in both educational presentations and discussion, and we will plan to offer both.  Some of the topics of interest include:

  • Accountability to women of color in engaging men and boys work.

  • Interconnections and intersections between violence against women and violence against children.

  • Implications of transgender consciousness for our work.

  • Role of trauma in work with boys/men and masculinity.

  • Focus on work with specific constituencies (e.g. campus, high school, others)

  • Regional Communities (e.g. southern organizing)

  • How to support the career path of young men coming into the field. How do we provide mentorship support to young men? How to keep the pipeline flowing? Build relationships between academic and practitioners (including NGOs) to support mentoring.

  • intersections of engaging men and boys in preventing violence, reproductive health and responsible fathering, 

  • engaging men and boys practices across the social ecology, in a coordinated and strategic way

  • How masculinities specifically impacts boys and men of color, intersections with their lived realities?

  • Over incarceration (watch movie “13th” as preparation for CoP discussion)

Session Video Clips:

This session was not recorded

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