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NAMEN Symposium 2020

In collaboration with the MenEngage Alliance, NAMEN facilitated a conversation for the North American Region addressing two important themes for our times:



Full Symposium Information Here

VIDEO with Section Links are below!

Day 1
Monday, November 30, 1:00pm ET to 4:30pm ET

Theme: Intersectionality and Decolonization

Symposium Day 1 recording can be found also at this link

Table of Contents with Direct Links 
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0:00 Welcome from Host Karen Carrington

2:05 Welcome from MenEngage and NAMEN

11:41 First Generation Theater

40:46 First Generation Talk Back with members

57:14 Tonya Lovelace presents workshop on Intersectionality and Decolonization

1:57:02 Closing Comments by Board Member Alan Heisterkamp

2:01:45 Closing Comments by Host Karen Carrington

2:04:07 Karen's Closing Affirmation

2:05:56 Closing Slide


Tonya Lovelace Workshop on Intersectionality and Decolonization

Karen Carrington's closing Affirmation Slide

Day 2
Wednesday, December 2, 1:00pm ET to 4:30pm ET

Theme: Towards Understanding the State of the Field

Symposium Day 2 recording can be found also at this link

Table of Contents with direct links  
(these will open in new windows.)

0:00 Welcome by Host Karen Carrington

2:29 Greg Grey Cloud (Ceremony removed for privacy reasons)

3:14 Unoma Azuah on Intersectionality and Decolonization

51:07 Rus Ervin Funk Presenting the State of the Field

1:08:15 State of the Field Panel Discussion

2:46:00 Closing with Cliff Leek

2:51:44 Closing by Host Karen Carrington

2:55:10 Karen's Closing Affirmation

2:56:55 Closing Slide


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