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About NAMEN Membership

NAMEN is a membership organization with options for both individuals and organizations to join and to participate.

We have an operating structure that includes a Board of Directors and Working Groups.  Any member of NAMEN can join a working group.  Board members are elected for three year terms from nominations made by the membership in the fall of each year.

Purpose and Benefits of NAMEN’s General Membership:

  • To share resources and create opportunities for collaboration among a diverse network of individuals and organizations;
  • To build the capacity for a large scale, broad-based collective voice ;
  • To nominate Board Members;
  • To serve as advocates for NAMEN within their communities;
  • To participate in NAMEN working groups.

About NAMEN Working Groups

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Membership
  • Fundraising and Development


Members agree to our Core Principles.
Members also agree to the Global MenEngage Alliance Code of Conduct

Please Join us:  Membership application forms.

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