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 Boys and Men for Gender Equality                                                                                                       


A regional network for gender equality and healthy manhood

The North America MenEngage Network (NAMEN) is a regional network of organizations and individuals working with men and boys to achieve gender equality, end violence, and promote health for men, women and children in North America. NAMEN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, operating as a network with a board of directors drawn from the general membership responsible for decision-making, communications, and the management of collective activities.  

Representing diverse fields of engaging men and boys

  • as positive fathers, mentors and caregivers
  • in ending men’s violence against women and girls
  • for sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • in maternal and child health
  • in ending all forms of violence between men and boys
  • in challenging homophobia and advocating for LGBTI rights
  • to address the role of boys and men in child sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and trafficking
  • as activists to change policies that perpetuate gender inequalities and violence

Bringing added value to current local, regional, national, and North American initiatives

  • Building a broad network of individuals and organizations from diverse fields
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing
  • Strengthening local, national and regional organizations by connecting to a global movement
  • Organizing coordinated advocacy/activist campaigns

Connected to the Global MenEngage Alliance

NAMEN is a regional member of the Global MenEngage Alliance, and has a seat on the Global Executive and Steering Committees along with representatives from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. Global members include more than 400 NGOs from around the world.

Operating Structure 

We have an operating structure that includes a Board of Directors and Working Groups.  Any member of NAMEN can join a working group.  Board members are elected for three year terms by the membership in the fall of each year.

About NAMEN Working Groups:

  • Communications
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Membership
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Program

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