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MERGE for Equality

MERGE for Equality is a program of NAMEN


Focusing on Developing Healthy Boys, 
we provide Training for Early Childhood Educators

Our Purpose

Promote social-emotional development and literacy of young boys by providing  gender responsive training, coaching and resources to early childhood educators.


We envision a future where all boys – and the men they will become -

to retain their natural capacities to be loving, caring and sensitive. We believe that early childhood educators and their professional child and family serving allies can help achieve this vision. Together we are changing the way we raise boys today, so that tomorrow boys thrive personally, socially and academically, and become men who are compassionate and accountable partners in families and communities.

Our Approaches include:

  • Whole Book Approach: Introduction to the children’s literature approach, including gender and race
  • Literacy Strategies: Group activity and teaching strategies with selected children’s books
  • Unpacking the Man Box: An experiential and group analysis of gender norms and stereotypes
  • The Cycle of Male Socialization: Examining the male cycle of violence, trauma and race.
  • Ala Cart Coaching Sessions: Post-training sessions via online tools
  • Online Resources: FAQ’s, Tip Sheets, Discussion Guides, videos and links for continued learning
  • Program Evaluation: Includes survey for all training participants
  • MERGE Children’s Book Campaign: Offers free books with positive gender themes

Learn more about this training opportunity and apply for your own agency.

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Please use our Contact Us page to inquire further about MERGE for Equality.

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