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Spring Series 2018

  Men Supporting #MeToo:

Taking Action to the Next Level


Session 3 Archive
Session 3 of 4, held May 10, 2018. Immediate Applications, what can you do now?

Other Sessions

Session 1 - Community experience, how are men responding?
Session 2 - Dialog on theories of change for men.
Session 4  - Reflection on lessons learned and next steps.


From Alan Hiesterkamp:

From Toby Fraser:

Attached is the handout that describes that Ambivalence Chart idea I mentioned. It's a pretty bare bones descriptions, so relies a lot on facilitator creativity - I like to use post-its to make it anonymous for example to allow people to put out ideas that are a little edgy. Nonetheless, here it is!



Introduction - NAMEN Community of Practice, Spring Series 2018, Session 3 of 4, held May 10, 2018. Immediate Applications, what can you do now?

Talk 1 - Chuck Derry - Gender Violence Institute, Clearwater Minnesota - From personal change to policy change, expanding the impact of primary prevention. Sharing examples of primary prevention initiatives impacting #MeToo

Talk 2 - Alan Heisterkamp - Director, Center for Violence Prevention - University of Northern Iowa - Taking the systemic view. Talking about a structured approach to statewide prevention.

Talk 3 - Henrik Westin - MÄN, Stockholm, Sweden - Sharing about MÄN’s #AfterMeToo conversation groups for men, and their work with area organizations around preventing sexual harassment.

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