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Information about Webinar 2

Conceptualizing and Implementing Accountability in Men’s Gender Equity Efforts

When: December 2, 2014
Time: 1:00-2:30 EST

This webinar initiated an on-going conversation about accountability within men’s gender equity movements and organizations, and addressed accountability from the perspective of those to whom we hope to be accountable, including women and women’s organizations. Collectively, panelists helped the webinar audience to define accountability in both philosophical and concrete behavioral terms, and provided examples of how accountability has been conceptualized and implemented in their networks.

NAMEN is honored that the following panelists presented during this webinar:

Kate Bojin, MA
White Ribbon Campaign Canada
White Ribbon Canada

Ashley Maier, MSW, MPA
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Oswaldo Montoya, MA
Men Engage Global Alliance


From Kate Bojin:
Powerpoint from her presentation

From Ashley Maier
Powerpoint from her presentation

From Oswaldo Montoya:

Here are the links for the accountability tools that I talked about in my presentation during the webinar (including a brief summary). 

Webinar Recording: 

webinar recording can be found also at this link

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