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Mobilizing Men and Boys:

Spring Series 2018

  Men Supporting #MeToo:

Taking Action to the Next Level


Session 4 Archive
Session 4 of 4, held June 14, 2018.   Reflections and Next Steps

Other Sessions

Session 1 - Community experience, how are men responding?
Session 2 - Dialog on theories of change for men.
Session 3 - Immediate Applications, what can we do now?


Resource from Sweden:

The english translation of our #aftermetoo conversation groups is finally finished now. We just have to do the layout which won’t take long. If anyone in the webinar is interested in receiving a copy they can sign up through this site:



Introduction and Discussion - NAMEN Community of Practice, Spring Series 2018, Session 4 of 4, held June 14, 2018. Reflections and Next Steps

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