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NAMEN Member Meet-Ups

NAMEN is now hosting Member Meet-Ups on a regular basis.  These are for members to meet one another and to talk about subjects of mutual interest.  The topics are member generated using a regular survey and discussion during meetings.

We are currently meeting every other month.  Upcoming dates include September 24th, November 19th, and January 28th .

Please join us!

5. November 19, 2020

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TOPIC -- Overview of the NAMEN
State of the Field Report and a Call for Feedback

NAMEN has produced a draft “State of the Field” Report of the male engagement/mobilizing efforts in Canada and the US (to be released in early 2021). This report identifies trends, practices, methodologies and lessons being learned in the efforts to engage and mobilize meno in this region. 

This Member Meet Up will provide an overview of the report, identify the key findings and additional questions that emerged from this report. We will then engaged you in a critical conversation about this report, including implications that you see from this report for our efforts going forward. We intend to integrate key points from this conversation into the final report. 

Rus Funk, NAMEN Program Consultant and Author of the report will provide the overview and facilitate this conversation.

4. September 24, 2020

Discussion about story telling and its value for education and social change

3. July 23, 2020

Member Meet-Up 

Three topics: 

a. Male Self-Interest - continuing discussion

b. About the Ubuntu Global Symposium, November 10-11, 2020
Slides from this presentation

c. Topic Priorities for future meetups...

We plan to host Meet-Ups every other month, September, November and January

Topics may include, "Continued: Self-Interest as motivation", "Story Telling",  "Exploring the Faith Connections", "Me-Too, responding when leaders fail"

Help Prioritize Topics - Please Complete this Survey

Session Recording

Webinar recording can be found also at this link

2. May 28, 2020

Member Meet-Up Session 2

Member Initiated conversations:

1. Bonny Morlak talks about his project, Wamaloki Summer Camp for Boys
2. Charles Knight talks about his topic of considering self-interest in working with men.


Reconstructing Men's Interests (Pease 2002).pdf


Recording of the men's self-interest portion of the discussion:  

This recording can be found also at this link

1. April 2, 2020

Member Meet-Up First Meeting

Introductory in nature, members introduced themselves and discussed their priorities

Recording is not available:

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