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Craig Norberg-Bohm


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  • Men and Ending Gender-Based Violence
  • Men, Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS
  • Men, Fatherhood and Caregiving

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"Craig is the co-founder and past coordinator for the Men’s Initiative for Jane Doe Inc.. Jane Doe Inc., the Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Founded in 2001 as a project of Jane Doe Inc., the Men’s Initiative operates a clearinghouse and statewide network for the purpose of mobilizing male bystanders and allies to work on ending men’s violence against women. As part of his work with Jane Doe Inc., Craig was the founding director of Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign. www.janedoe.org/whiteribbonday

Craig has been in this work one way or another since 1978, when Craig was one of the co-founders of RAVEN (Rape and Violence End Now) in St. Louis, Missouri , one of the earliest men's centers in the U.S. established to engage men to end men's violence. In addition, he served for over 15 years on the board of directors for Emerge, a Boston based program for offenders of domestic violence.

Craig consults with organizations on strategy for engaging men and boys and pursues mentorship and coaching for individuals entering the field.
Additional Information
I am a father of an 24 year old son. I love music, golf, dance and a good beer now and then. I am looking forward to participating in this new collaboration.
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