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  • NAMEN Member Meet-up - MenEngage Code of Conduct

NAMEN Member Meet-up - MenEngage Code of Conduct

  • 23 Mar 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Embodying Our Values: The MenEngage Alliance Code of Conduct

Hosted By the North American MenEngage Network.

Thursday, March 23, 1pm to 3pm ET

Zoom Virtual Meeting

NAMEN is honored to invite Members to attend our next Meet-up towards a shared Community of Practice.

"Embodying our values: The MenEngage Alliance Code of Conduct "

Celebrate with us!  The MenEngage Alliance in consultation with its members across the globe has developed a new accountability framework that includes a personal code of conduct for which every member of the alliance is asked to accept and abide by their membership.

Respect and kindness, Affirmative Consent, Fairness and equality, Ethical decision making, Transparency and honesty, Self-reflection and growth. Easier said than done. We want everyone involved to walk the talk, as we say.  But what does that walk look like?  What happens when one finds it hard?  Is help available?  This session will start to answer these and other important questions about the MenEngage Code of Conduct.

Link to the MenEngage Code of Conduct…

  • Do you know that we have a code of conduct?  

  • Why do we have this code, and what's in it for each of us?

  • We celebrate holding ourselves to high standards together

Speaker's Bio

Oswaldo Montoya is focal point for the MenEngage Global Secretariat on accountability. He is a social justice educator, providing technical assistance to leaders that promote social accountability. Content expert on fostering cultures of care, equity and nonviolence from the inside out. Originally from Nicaragua, Oswaldo has a Master Degree in Educational Psychology and  certifications as Project Management Professional and Purpose Guide


1pm - Introductions

1:15 pm - Update on the NAMEN Spring MeetUp Series

1:30 pm - Topic For Discussion:  The MenEngage Code of Conduct

  • Speaker: Oswaldo Montoya
  • Overview of the Code of Conduct
  • Focus on Calling-in for Restorative Justice

2:30 pm - Meet and Greet Technical Assistance and Small Group Sharing Time

3pm - Wrap Up

Members Only 

English Language Only

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