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Working Groups

NAMEN operates through the following Working Groups.

For further information about or to join one of the Working Groups,
please contact us

Communications Working Group

  • Listserv management

  • Documents management

  • Website updating

  • Membership information management

Fundraising/Development Working Group
  • Develop and implement development plans

  • Identify funding sources and opportunities

  • Research, prepare and manage funding proposals

  • Identify opportunities for partnerships in funding proposals

  • Conduct outreach to members and the public to become donors

Membership and Outreach Working Group

  • Develop and implement membership plans

  • Maintain membership communications

  • Expanding representation in NAMEN of different engaging men areas

  • Organize outreach roundtable meetings at conferences

Policy Advocacy Committee

  • Develop and maintain policy advocacy efforts for NAMEN

  • Draft and Issue collective statements on behalf of NAMEN

  • Develop strategic partnerships

  • Engage NAMEN membership in matters of public policy

  • Provide a voice for men and organizations to collectively support public policy 

  • Develop evidence-based and gender-transformative resources and model policies

Program Working Group

  • Develop and implement program plans

  • Draft and propose programs for NAMEN to implement

  • Identify areas for engagement (programming, advocacy, capacity building)

  • Implement programs as capacity allows

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