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NAMEN Member Spotlight - Feminists for Men

09 Jun 2022 3:48 PM | Craig Norberg-Bohm (Administrator)

In support of the diverse and committed NAMEN membership, NAMEN on the Move announces its signature segment; NAMEN Member Spotlight, highlighting the phenomenal work in the field of engaging men and boys in gender equality, non-violence and nurturing masculinity best practices across North America. 

In our inaugural edition, NAMEN is proud to introduce a veteran member and noted advocate Dr. F. Persia Jamshidi, founder and CEO of the powerful initiative Feminist For Men Inc., a leading organization in promoting Positive Masculinity across the United States. With a keen focus on the organization's mission, providing much needed support for Men and Single Fathers who are going through a rough patch with a goal to reduce mental health struggles, violence and suicie rates, Dr. Jamshidi has created an innovative outreach and intervention program whose groundbreaking research has studied over 7000 men around the World. 

Led by Dr. Jamshidi, Feminist For Men Inc. is comprised of a group of life-long feminist who believe strongly in the pillars of feminism. In her professional training as a leading cancer scientist, Dr. Jamshidi revealed disturbing statistics pertaining to male suicide rates and homelessness, delving deeply into identifying root causes, and subsequently began her indepth research into masculinity, cracking the code in response to the growing epidemic. 

In 2020, the Positive Masculinity Academy was established, an educational for profit entity, highlighting honorable men whose lives act as a beacon for promoting positive masculinity and whose mission is to eradicate insecure masculinity and the myths / misconceptions often viewed as normal within society. 

With a new book on the horizon titled “The Masculinity Handbook” and an online course deemed “Men Mastering Self Worth”, Feminist For Men Inc. will continue its mission, with the ultimate goal of reducing the rate of suicide and violence amongst men dramatically. www.feministsformen.org

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